Monday, December 10, 2012

iBattery 2.0

iBattery Gadget 2.0 

A battery meter to the desktop of your Laptop, Notebook or Netbook.

Made for Windows Vista Sidebar or to Windows 7 Desktop

One of the most popular battery gadget, more than thousands of downloads, and now the version 2.0 is here.

New in version 2.0 (30/Oct/11)
  • Now support 5 colors
  • Option to show and hide percent value, time remaing, and status icon
  • Remaing time estimation now is supported by all devices using a built-in algorithm
  • New all engine, rewritten from zero
  • Sound effects
  • 3 sound themes
  • Performance improved
  • Low memory usage
  • Low CPU load
  • Improved response time
  • Update notifications
  • Other improvements
  • Avaliable in English and Portuguese

Version 1.0
  • Transparent
  • Show percent
  • Show charging status
  • Show AC status
  • Show when battery is removed
  • Show remaing time

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  1. I love this gadget. The only suggestion I have is that they add the option to get a non-transparent background for the empty space on the gadget so that the percentage and the icon could be seen on the top of any background behind the gadget.

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