Saturday, August 28, 2010


iSignal Gadget Monitor Wireless Signal Level.

Still working after resume of sleep/hibernate.
Auto Refresh when disconect or change of network.

  • New engine!
  • Show Signal Percent.
  • Show SSID.
  • Show IP Address.
  • Changeable color. (Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Pink)
  • With Flyout Panel.

Change Log (1.1):
- Added IPv6.
- Bug fix in wireless networks with SSID longer than 18 characters.
- Bug fix in wireless networks with SSID longer than 20 characters on flyout panel.
- Flyout background changed to match the style of the gadget.
- Some minor changes in CSS of flyout panel.

Change Log (1.0.1):
- Correction of some typos.

Change Log (1.0):
- First release.

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  1. Worderfull gadget !! I love it :)

  2. Can you add an Internet availability icon ? Thanks.

  3. @Riccardo Cool idea, I will implement that. Thank you

  4. Thanks for your effort! Oh, btw the iBattery gadget has a link to your old domain. And kasperky blocks the site as "phishing" site...