Monday, January 31, 2011

Updates comming


I'm writting this to keep this blog up to date, not a true update but just to not leave the blog abandoned.

So, i'm working a lot with Javascript, and major updates is comming to all of my Gadgets, iBattery, iSignal and iSearch, and on a fourth new Gadget to my collection.
This post, is why the gadgets update is taking longer than I wanted, but when I started coding I decided to re-write the entire source-code, that is for improvements reasons, and maybe to continue in my self-journey in learning programming, so i decided to keep all the code clean and Object Oriented, and I'm writting my own API's, that means no thrid part libraries or codes is used, all written by me. Wondering what's is the difference? this is change what? simple, no unecessary code is used, when a ready library is used this never happen, and I have all the source code under my control, this is much easer when we need something new in a program.

So if you have any suggestions, any ideas, some feedback to help me to make any improvements, Please, do not hesitate to tell me, using the "Contact" link.

Thank you for comming!


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