Friday, April 26, 2013

SimCity4 Launcher

If you play Sim City 4 this is a must have full featured Launcher! It will let you to play Sim City 4 on a custom resolution, or play in a window while surfing the web or doing other things in the computer.

Have you ever lost hours of progress due to a crash? Forgot to save?

Never loose you progress again, with the auto save feature.

Your game will be automatically saved while playing on a chosen  interval.

Play your game in full 1920x1080p on a huge 21" monitor or any other resolution.

Play in widescreen resolutions.

Play in full-screen or play in a floating window, no more ALT+TAB.

Fully configurable.
Playing windowed while multitasking

You can select between 9 backgrounds or let it randomly choose one every time.
Supports additional parameters.

Option to exit launcher when the game is launched.

List of features:

  • Auto Save Feature - automatically save your game progress while playing.
  • Quick saving - no one have time for long waiting dialogs.
  • Save in a customized interval, you can adjust from every minute up to 120 minutes.
  • Log saving events
  • Custom resolution
  • Detect current resolution
  • Color depth
  • Launch game in full-screen or windowed
  • Rendering mode (Software, OpenGL or Software)
  • Background Loading
  • Ability to turn Music and Sound On and Off
  • Option to skip the Introduction videos
  • Game pausing
  • Choose a custom game data directory
  • Change Language
  • Change process priority
  • Feature to change number of logical core used.
  • Browse for the location of the game
  • Auto detect game executable on common directories
  • Specify custom parameters
  • Change between 9 background images
  • Random background
  • Option to exit the launcher when the game is launched
  • Option to reset defaults
  • Auto save settings to INI file
  • No dependencies, single executable.
  • Works on Wine (Linux, OSX...)

How to use:

  1. Download the executable
  2. Place it in any folder you like
    If you place it inside the SimCity folder it will automatically find the game executable.
        e.g.: ...\Maxis\SimCity4 Deluxe\ or ...\Maxis\SimCity4 Deluxe\Apps\

    If you have the game installed on the default path it will find the game automatically even if you place the launcher in any other folder.

  3. Double click it

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